I've Discovered My Cat's Deep, Dark Secret

So my cat Nikita (Nikki for short) is a bit of an enigma. She's a basketball with legs, nearly twenty pounds, a total love sponge, and has secret superpowers that allow her to move silently and weightlessly as needed. One moment I'm sitting there with my lap cat-free, the next minute she's fast asleep and my lap is cat-full.

And I never saw her get in there.

There's no rational explanation for this. She runs across the floor and it trembles. She thumps her way up and down the stairs. She walks on my chest first thing in the morning and the breath is pushed out of my lungs. But she has the uncanny ability to magically appear on or next to me without me ever feeling or seeing her move.

It's freakish.

She even has the ability to supplant objects already in my lap. For example, my oldest cat, Darwin, was curled up in my lap while I wrote. I reached down, scratched his ears, he purred happily. I typed a few more pages, reached down again and...

It was Nikki!

I never saw Darwin leave. Never felt a change of cat, even though Nikki weighs a good eight pounds more than Darwin. He was gone and she was just there.

She appears out of nowhere, fast asleep on the kitty bed next to my mouse pad, when I know she wasn't there a few minutes before. I get up for a moment and she's in my chair, even if she wasn't in the room before I stood.

There is no earthly way she can be doing this!

For a while I thought she had some kind of cloaking device, or a cloak of invisibility. But I figured it out. I know her secret.

She part Cheshire Cat.

She fits the breed: stripes, a big smile, vanishing and appearing at random.

It explains everything.

I'll have to starting paying attention and see if the rabbit living in our juniper bush ever carries a watch and fusses over being late.

Do your pets doing anything strange?


Anonymous said...

Cats are magic and magical. I have 3 inside cats and they all have very different personalities. Here on the farm we always have stray cats coming in. A momma cat brought in 6 little ones then she disappeared. The 3 large males that were already here takes care of the kittens and it is so funny to watch these big cats herd the kittens. Our Vet said she never heard of male cats caring for kittens. I told her it was the magic of cats.

Janice Hardy said...

How sweet! That must be so adorable to watch. There are few things cuter than a bunch of kittens.

Maribel Smith said...

Nikki is innately quick mover by birth, if that's the case. There several animals, which develop a distinct characteristic on their own perhaps, it an animal nature and part of their coping mechanism to move around the sooner they transported to a new place.

Janice Hardy said...

She's extremely fast, and light on her feet when she wants to be. I think she's always in a hurry to get where the love is :) She's such an attention junkie.

Gemma Davis said...

Janice that is such a sweet thought of you about your cat. Actually, I often times think that my dog also possesses magic cause, he does know when and what is the best time to comfort me and to give some time to think. I guess, that's one of the perks of having pets in our home.

Janice Hardy said...

Gemma, aw, how sweet. Animals are so good like that. Even when they make us crazy they're worth it.

Polly Ann Handeland said...

I know, animals are really awesome creatures! I'm actually a dog person, but basically they all share the same character: they're the sweetest and most loyal ever. That's why I make sure my dog gets all the love and pampering he deserves.

Janice Hardy said...

Polly Ann, they're so easy to spoil. I've had many a limb go to sleep because I didn't want to move and disturb the cat :)