School Visits

School visits are one of the best things about writing for teens. There’s something wonderful about a room full of students energized and excited about reading. (especially if they don’t start out that way) Getting students engaged is a big part of my sessions.

My presentations start with a brief summary of the books, a bit about me and life as an author, then it’s off to the questions. A longer Q&A session encourages students to engage, and makes the visit more fun (and educational) for everyone. Some sessions include a short reading, while others develop into discussions over a particular element of the story or writing in general. How in-depth a topic goes depends on what areas the students are most interested in, and I let their curiosity guide me. Sessions are designed to be interactive and get the students involved.

Classroom Visit

A classroom session for one period for a more personal discussion of the book and what it’s like to be an author.

Half Day Visit

I spend a half day at your school (typically 2-3 sessions) speaking to larger groups of students (2-3 classes). It’s not uncommon to hold a short session afterward for a book signing and meet and greet.

Full Day Visit

Same setup as the half day, but I spend the full day at your school (typically 3-5 sessions).

Workshop Visit

Specific writing workshop visits are also available. I work with the students to develop their writing skills, with hands-on activities and interactive participation.

What Media Specialists are Saying:

“The students were so engaged with discussion of how to become a writer, how the writing, editing, publishing process evolves, and how to come up with writing ideas during Janice’s visit.  She took the time to answer all their questions and encourage them.”   
—Ruth Molares, Liberty Middle School

We had Ms. Hardy at Otwell last year and it was fabulous!  She was very engaging in not only telling about her books, but also talking  to the kids about the writing and publication process based on her experiences. She was very interactive and allowed the kids to ask a lot of questions and actually lead the discussion. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to have her at your school if possible!
Lisa Perkins, Otwell Middle School

“I’ve hosted many an author visit, but few have resonated with my students as much as Janice Hardy.  Very approachable and personable with the kids, full of anecdotes about writing and publishing, and really willing to tackle all questions and give thoughtful responses – my kids still talk about her visit here at PGMS. The real value-added is that she’s a terrific writer – I can’t keep “The Shifter” on my shelves and my students are eagerly awaiting the next installment in “The Healing Wars” series.”
Kim Simshauser,  Piney Grove Middle School