Booksigning: Meet Me in Athens, Georgia

Me and Delilah on the road
If you happen to be in the Athens Georgia area this coming Saturday, come on by Avid Bookshop and meet me, plus six other fantasy-esque authors (a mix of fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction).

We'll have readings, a time for Q&A, and an opportunity for book signings. This is a mix of teen and adult novels, so there's fantasy for the whole family!

When: Saturday, January 12, 2013 from 6:00 to 7:30pm
Where: Avid Bookshop
493 Prince Avenue,Athens, Georgia 30601

The line up includes me (The Healing Wars middle grade fantasy series from HarperCollins), plus:

Delilah S. Dawson (WICKED AS THEY COME from Simon and Schuster's Pocket Books), who writes paranormal romance. With blud bunnies. I read this one last year and it's romantic, steampunk, funky fun. My first paranormal romance, but not my last.

James R. Tuck (the Deacon Chalk urban fantasy series from Kensington), who has a tough-as-nails hero who kicks series monster butt, and a great take on all things were. I just finished his second book BLOOD AND SILVER over the holidays, and really enjoyed it.

Alex Hughes (CLEAN from Roc), who writes science fiction noir. I also read her novel over the holidays and enjoyed this one a lot as well. She does this really cool writing thing that I adored, but I won't give it away and spoil it. It's something I bet only other writers would pick up on.

Kalayna Price (the Alex Craft Novels, from Roc), who writes urban fantasy, and I just finished her novel GRAVE WITCH a few nights ago. Great mix of magic with the real world, and a great mystery.

Jenn Bennett (the Arcadia Bell urban fantasy series from Pocket). I've never met her, but her book has a tiki bar, magic, demons, a pirate mustache, and dirty romance in it, so I imagine I'll be picking it up this weekend. I've been on a bit of an urban fantasy kick lately.

Rachel Aaron (the Eli Monpress fantasy series from Orbit). I haven't met her yet either, but again, she writes about a thief (who plans to steal a king) and that totally sounds up my alley. Another sure purchase here as well. She's also the one who wrote that jaw-dropping and eye-opening post about going from 2K to 10K words a day.

As you can see, a very cool group of authors with great books. And we're a lot of fun. I got trapped in a car for 14 hours with James and Delilah, and trust me, you get to know folks pretty well after something like that.

Hope to see you there!

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