Heading to an Old City (for a New Con)

So I'm gearing up this week to head down to Florida for a great new paranormal romance and urban fantasy convention. I'm excited about this one, because I get to hang with some writer friends (always fun) and will get to  meet some folks I've chatted with online (also always fun). This is one of the best parts about being a writer--getting out and meeting other writers and book lovers! (And ghost tours. Did I mention there will be ghost tours?)

It's also a reader-focused event, which is different from a writer-focused event. Reader events are all about favorite books, series, characters, etc. Everywhere you go, there are groups of people talking about a series they adore. Writer events are more about craft and the technical aspects of writing, and the easiest way to open up a conversation is with, "So, what do you write?" Both are a blast, but they each have their own vibe.