Just Released: Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure

It's here!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure, book one in the Foundations of Fiction Series. It's been a long time coming and I'm excited it's finally out and in the world. (See what they're saying on Goodreads)

There's so much information on my writing site (Fiction University), and one of the challenges of crafting books to support it was figuring out how to organize everything. I wanted this series to be more than just a collection of articles, and to accomplish the same goals as the site--to offer writers tips they can apply right to their works in progress and see results.

Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure contains ten workshops and over 100 exercises that lead you through the novel-planning process. Each exercise builds off the last and takes you step-by-step through finding and developing ideas, brainstorming stories, and crafting a solid plan for your novel.

The final three workshops are designed to help you craft your one-sentence summary (your eventual pitch), your summary blurb (your eventual query letter), and a working synopsis (your eventual synopsis). So as the workshops help you plan your novel, they also help pave the way for the more annoying business and submitting side of things to make that whole process easier down the road.

You'll Find Exercises On:
  • Creating Characters: protagonist, antagonist, as well as secondary characters 
  • Choosing Point of View: and how to get the most out of that POV
  • Determining the Conflict: both internal and external, as well as how to develop your goals, stakes, and theme
  • Finding Your Process: and helping you figure out what techniques work best for you, from pansting to outlining to a mix of several styles
  • Developing Your Plot: by helping you find the anchor points of your story
  • And So Much More: finding and developing ideas, tips on writing trilogies, sequels, and series, where your novel fits in the market, determining your genre and word count, finding your setting

Stuck on a First Draft? Several of my beta readers were stuck on their own novels and discovered that doing the exercise in my book helped them fix their problems. The brainstorming questions helped them pinpoint the weak areas and find what was holding them back.

Pantser? No Problem: If planning your novel beforehand just isn't for you, Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure is a great revision plan to help you structure your draft, spot any weak areas, and polish your overall story.

Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure is an easy-to-follow guide to planning your novel, as well as a handy tool for revising a first draft, or fixing a novel that isn’t quite working.

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