Dude, Is That Typing I Hear?

So now that the holidays are over, I've dived head first back into my writing. The break was nice (and needed), and I've had several solid weeks of good work. The first draft of a new book will be completed at the end of next week. Still a LOT of work to do after that (nothing is ever right on the first draft), but that's where most of the fun is anyway. Taking a story and making it better.

What am I working on, you ask?

Something different from my usual fantasy fair. A caper, set in the real world. Okay, a real-ish world. I made up a place, but it's supposed to be a real place off the coast of Florida.

It's fun to write in the real world, because I get to use words like dude. Fantasy characters can't say that, even though sometimes you really want them to.

NYA: I think we should do something crazy that might just get us killed.

AYLIN: Dude, you are out of your mind.

NYA: Who's Dude?

Yeah, Aylin would totally say dude all the time.


Rashda Khan said...

Lol! I think you've got the humor part down. So, looking forward to this caper :)

Janice Hardy said...

Thanks! I know I'll have to do an edit pass just for dude. I can already tell I used it too much :)